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Our Peace of Mind Promise is offered with every ring available at K.Norris Jewelers. Quite frankly, it's a lot more than just peace of mind, it's a complimentary collection of "promises" designed to make you feel more secure about your purchase.

"Confidence means setting standards which far exceed the competition. Our customers have come to depend upon us and expect consistency in all that we do." - Keith Norris, Founder

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A diamond is precious, but it's only as brilliant as the setting it's in. The engagment ring setting can change the look of the diamond if it's not in proportion. A stunning setting can also bring out the best in a diamond and show off the sparkle in just the right way. Before you settle on one setting, learn about what works with certain diamond shapes and the many different metal types that can make up a setting. Then come and see the real thing at K.Norris Jewelers.


Designer engagement rings by: K.Norris, Simon G, Coast, Scott Kay, Natlie K, Jeff Cooper, Tacori, and much more.

Find your perfect setting! Or we will custom make it for you...

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At K.Norris Jewelers, we keep the connection with our customers. Whether you're in the market for an engagement ring, necklace or your silver anniversary, we help you out each step of the way.

For over 30 years, Scott Kay has been acclaimed the foremost authority in bridal jewelry. He lives by two steadfast words: Never Compromise. This credo is evident in each hand-sculptured jewelry design, each surpassing the most stringent of quality standards.Credited for resurrecting platinum jewelry, introducing 19KT fine gold and again leading the industry in Palladium, Scott Kay is simply the finest jewelry available and America's most requested bridal brand. Read more...


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